Kingdom Builders Promotion Sunday

Kingdom Builders Promotion Sunday

You are blessed to be a blessing. We have been blessed to travel roads that were paved by those that went before us. Our lives have been changed by the investments they made. Now the torch has been passed to us to make the investments that will pave the road for the generation that will follow us.

In 1962 the Kingdom Builders Club was started to change lives by funding new ministries and new congregations. Several of the largest congregations in South Georgia were started with funds from Kingdom Builders. In fact, the #1 and the #2 fastest growing United Methodist Congregations in the U.S. over the past 10 years are both in our conference and you started them. Way to go South Georgia! 

PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL! The Kingdom Builders Club is about far more than starting churches. It is about CHANGING LIVES! We have published a new daily devotional book entitled “Pray for 5.” This 40 day devotional is a tangible tool to help you and your friends change the lives of your family and friends. To obtain copies for all the people in your congregation simply ask your District Superintendent. Our hope is that this daily devotional book will ignite a movement of prayer that unlocks a wave of relational evangelism that helps new people come to know Jesus like we have.

Funding is important. God sends people to congregations who are ready to minister to them. We need to be starting new ministries to connect with these new people. To reach people no one is reaching, we must start doing things no one is doing, which requires funding.

Pray for your friends AND become a Kingdom Builder by making a financial investment today to the Kingdom Builders Advanced Special.

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