Crossing Over



If you are struggling with what is happening in our churches right now, it may be that you are allowing tradition to make your choices. While the security of tradition can move our days forward with a sameness that brings comfort, the trap of tradition can close our minds to the beauty of what else God might have in mind. We can be sure that He does have something in mind, and what He has in mind is good. He has not turned away. His love places a shield of love over us, and His joy about the future of His church is good. He wants you and me to acknowledge that better days are ahead.

Please allow God to minister to you as you go with me to Mark 4:35. “On that day, when evening came, He said to them, ‘Let us go over to the other side.’”

There are 16 Bible verses about crossing to the other side. Mark 4:35 is just one of them. I believe Jesus is asking us to get in the boat with Him and cross over to the other side of what we have always known as church. We can know for sure that Jesus will go with us and bring us safely across.

Truthfully, I am loving the many opportunities I have to cross over to the other side with Jesus through a computer that brings me great on-line sermons, fantastic Sunday school lessons, and opportunities to interact through Zoom meetings with friends and children. I love crossing over to the other side in a more relaxed, slow-down fashion. In the boat with Jesus, I take out my Bible and read, gaining access to thoughts I can discuss with Him. The best part? He will be with me on the other side. He stays in the boat with me, and then He gets out of the boat with me.

What will church look like on the other side of COVID? No one knows. It might look as it did before COVID, it might look completely different, or it may be something familiar mixed with something new.

The important thing for us to remember is that Jesus will ride to the other side with us and He will get out of the boat when we do.

We can trust the One who died for us.

Won’t you embrace faith and take a boat trip to the other side, trusting Jesus all the way?

The Rev. B.J. Funk is associate pastor of Central UMC in Fitzgerald. Email her at